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16 Habits of the Mind

16 Habits of the Mind

Art Costa and Bena Kallick’s Habits of Mind outlines 16 habits of the mind that are beneficial for students learning. We agree. These 16 habits are taught through our regular day-to-day lessons, in one-on-one learning opportunities with students, when we teach about handling difficult situations, and more. We spread these out between our young preschool class, our older preschool class and our private school students. Some are great for 7-8 year olds but may not yet be developmentally appropriate for younger students. Our teachers integrate these habits of the mind into their interactions with students daily.

  • Persist
  • Manage impulsivity
  • Listen with empathy and understanding
  • Think flexibly
  • Metacognition - think about our thinking
  • Strive for accuracy and precision - (older elementary students)
  • Question and pose questions - (all age groups, but strong focus in elementary students)
  • Apply past knowledge to new situations
  • Think and communicate with clarity and precision
  • Gather data through all senses
  • Create, imagine, innovate
  • Respond with wonderment and awe
  • Take responsible risks
  • Find humor
  • Think interdependently
  • Learn continuously